Cables and Construction Products Regulations - EU CPR 305/11


In the last two decades, the regulation is a topic in which the entire world of products is involved due to their importance in case of fire.


The CPR Regulation covers all buildings to be permanently installed in buildings and other civil engineering works, urban, urban, etc.). For cables, the Commission has decided to think, within the characteristics considered relevant for the purpose of building safety.


All cables permanently installed in buildings, are able to carry data or fiber optic, be classified according to the specifications of the installation environment.


The cables are classified in 7 fire reaction classes Aca, B1ca, B2ca, Cca, Dca, Eca, Fca identified by the "ca" subscript (cable) according to their decreasing performance.


In addition to this main standard, the European Authorities have also regulated the use of the following additional parameters:


a = acidity that has the danger of fumes for people and the corrosivity for things. Ranges from a1 to a3

s = smoke opacity. Ranges from s1 to s3

d = dripping of incandescent particles that can propagate fire. Ranges from d0 to d2.

Fire resistant cables are excluded at the limit of fire safety.


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