La RODA CAVI s.r.l. s.r.l. was founded in 1985 with the specific objective of manufacturing special purpose and custom cables. Of course, RODA CAVI s.r.l. best investment is people, to which is requeste vitality, knowledge, competence and professionality. Whoever directly works in RODA CAVI s.r.l. has only one target: customer satisfaction, to which the whole structure warrants the best flexibility with quality and assurance, in conformity with NORME UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.


RODA CAVI s.r.l. offer delivery service by own lorries on all national areas . International delivery coming make thanks to container. The strategic position of the factory in center of Mediterranean sea make easy a fast delivery service specially for the Mediterranean basin countries. The stabilishiment is in industrial aereas of Catania, it is connect very well to:


• International Airport Km. 1 • Commercial Navalport Km. 2,5 • Raillway Km. 1,5 • Motorway Km. 0,3


Blocco Giancata Z.I.

95121 Catania - ITALY

P.iva: 02109310876

Tel. (+39) 095 292034

Fax. (+39) 095 295116